How to create a Temporary Email Address?

If you want to reduce email spam and keep your email address private then here is a guide on how to create a temporary email address for free.

The short term email addresses come very hand and have numerous benefits as you do not need to pass through the difficult process of getting them. You can get them free, use them for as much time you want, no need for any phone number and the most important, you can create as much you want.

Create a Temporary Email Address

A burner email account is a fake email which you can use to only receive emails. You can generate disposable email addresses through many sites and many ways. However, here is the simplest process to create a temporary email address

create a random fake email
  • First of All, Click on The Following button (it will lead you to the best temp mail generator)
  • Now Click on the Random button and it will automatically create a short term email address for you.
  • If you want to create a disposable email with a custom username than instead of clicking the Random button, enter your desired username in the text area and then click Create as shown in the image below.

This is the easiest and 1-click process to create temp mail.

Benefits of Creating Temporary Emails

Let us talk about why you should use a temporary email and how you can keep your real email private.

  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Can be created without the phone verification
  • Can be used again and again
  • Can be used for verification of Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix
  • These accounts also prevent you from spam as you are not using your real email and you give your temporary emails to the sites you do not trust

Here are answers to your frequently asked questions

Are Temporary emails safe?

Temporary emails are not safe for receiving private emails as anyone can see received emails without entering any password, however, all emails are deleted within 30 minutes of receiving so they are pretty safe in that sense.

Can I create an email without a phone number?

Yes, creating an email without a phone number is possible with the help of a temporary email. It is a 1-click process and you can create unlimited emails using this process.

What is a burner email account?

Temporary, Disposable and Throw away emails are also known as burner email accounts.

Does Gmail have disposable email addresses?

No, Gmail does not allow disposable email addresses.

How do I access my tmail account?

To access your tmail account, open and then click on get back to mailbox button.